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EMIRATE COIN TECH is a fastgrowing investment and brokerage company, founded in 2013, to transform the way people invest.
Rated by Aljazeera as the fastest rising investment company in the Middle East, with subsidiaries across 6 regions around the world and partnerships with over 13 other trading and investment brokerages around the world, EMIRATE COIN TECH holds an operation license from FINMA in The Netherlands and certificates of incorporation from both Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.
In addition to its multi-asset brokerage offering, EMIRATE COIN TECH offers a wealth of advisory services to investors and had over USD 11 billion in custody at the end of the 2017 fiscal year. EMIRATE COIN TECH also maintains over 13,000 client accounts across its subsidiaries that are regulated in the Middle East, America, Europe and the rest of Asia.

EMIRATE COIN TECH focuses on trading and mining cryptocurrencies on contract for investors, and ensuring the highest possible return on investment within manageable risk.
The Cryptocurrencies market is a relatively young marketplace that has been largely unexplored by established trading houses. But since 2017, major financial house and even governments have began embracing the expansive and dynamically expanding opportunities therein.
Young markets mean opportunity and risk . Investors can be misled following the wrong information or signal. Our dedicated traders spend hours daily running technical analysis and our organization spends thousands of dollars setting up dedicated systems that enable accuracy in the Cryptocurrencies market. This is why we are a company worth investing with.


Offering comprehensive and flexible assets to investors within the Cryptocurrency market, with low friction, transparency and reliability and with highest possible return on investment.


Our team is made up of dynamic groups in the management, advisory, technical, trading, and support sub-teams Together, these teams work to ensure the overall success of the company and of our investors


We have built partnerships overtime with other successful companies with complimenting corporate and social goals as our company.
Our partners Include companies like Genesis Mining, BITFINEX, Ethereum, IDEX, Binance, SwissBank, and a few others mentioned within the partnership section of this brochure.
We have a culture built into our business process and this sustains our integrity and efficiency.

Emirate Coin Tech focuses on innovative technologies that guarantee results for investors within the Cryptocurrency world.
Let's manage your assets.

Emirate Coin Tech's Financial performance continues to rise against the market's down trend. They have proven to have a solid plan for investors.

- Aljazeera Finance, 2018

Reliable Investment Partner

The company holds a Cat. II License No. IS/52182 issued by the MFSA. Moreover, we are authorized to provide services in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We strictly obey the guidelines of our regulators as to compliance control and risk management. Account segregation, transparent reporting and regular audits by KPMG all contribute to our security and reliability.


Our main competitive advantage is pioneering new technology. History has shown that well implemented innovations are less costly than potential future losses incurred by technological stagnation.


We are constantly improving our services in line with our values to help our clients and partners to reach their goals. That's why we are open to discussion when any question arises.


Above all, we care about security whether it be the security of your investments, security of order execution, or security of your important data. We take personal responsibility in everything we do.


Expertise and professionalism are the foundations of client satisfaction, which is our top priority. Whatever we do, we maintain the highest possible quality standards.


The optimal strategy for developing and keeping a long-term relationship is honesty. That's why honesty combined with fairness and responsibility are our main properties. stakeholders.





1000 Mahler Building (floor 4), Gustav Mahlerlaan 1025, 1082 Amsterdam, The Netherlands